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Tutor at the University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

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Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at Regent College, Canada

I work with Professor Ross Hastings, Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology, and support him in the following:

  • Managing the administrative tasks, supporting student learning, and grading the courses ‘Theology I’, ‘Theology II’, ‘Pastoral Ethics: Ministering with Integrity in the Contemporary Context’, ‘Theology and Science in the Twenty-First Century: Conflicted, Complementary or Coinherent?’, ‘Seminar: Transforming Mission’, ‘Philippians and the Preaching of Transformation’
  • Researching, editing, and formatting monographs Echoes of Coinherence: Trinitarian Theology and Science Together and Total Atonement: Trinitarian Participation in the Reconciliation of Humanity and Creation
  • Managing Professor Hastings’ appointments and speaking engagements

Guest Lecturer at Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong || Canada

  • Missional Church (Distance Education Course) Winter 2018 – Guest Lecturer at Alliance Bible Seminary Centre of Canada (Toronto Campus)
    • Designing syllabus and teaching materials
    • Delivering lectures using CISCO WebEx to sites in Ontario, Winnipeg, and Vietnam
    • Performing administrative tasks
  • Theological English (1) Fall 2017, Winter 2015, Summer 2014 – Guest Lecturer at Alliance Bible Seminary in Hong Kong
    • Designing syllabus, teaching materials, and assessment
    • Grading assignments and exams
    • Facilitating learning outside of class using Moodle, WhatsApp, and email
    • Performing administrative tasks

Learned Societies

Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers Liaison Officer at British Sociological Association–Sociology of Religion Study Group, United Kingdom

  • Organising the postgraduate and early career researchers’ workshop
  • Allocating the bursaries and managing the support fund
  • Participating in the committee meetings

Postgraduate Co-convener at Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, United Kingdom

  • Organising the postgraduate conference
  • Managing the postgraduate email, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Participating in the committee meetings

Member-at-Large (Academic Symposium) at Regent College Students’ Association, Canada

  • Organising the academic symposium
  • Managing the email and Facebook accounts
  • Participating in the committee meetings
  • Maintaining office hours to be connected with the student body

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Accountant at Regent College Students’ Association, Canada

  • Preparing a budget for the year in conjunction with the president
  • Managing accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Maintaining trial balance and petty cash
  • Advising the Student Association on financial matters

Accounting Officer at Treasury Department, The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Hong Kong

  • Accounting Officer (Accounts and Supplies), Planning Department:
    • Managing an accounting and supplies team with 10 staff members
    • Maintaining accounts payables and accounts receivables, and authorising payments to suppliers
    • Processing salary payments for civil servants and non-civil service staff
    • Preparing estimates for resource allocation exercise and budget summary
    • Performing standard costing exercise
    • Monitoring the clerical, accounting, and supplies staff and conduct staff appraisal
  • Accounting Officer (Internal Audit), Department of Health:
    • Managing an accounting team of one staff member
    • Preparing audit plans and audit programs, and formulating audit procedures and checklists
    • Compiling and analysing audit findings, drafting audit reports and providing recommendations
    • Conducting post-implementation review
    • Monitoring the clerical staff and conducting staff appraisal

Assistant Manager, Audit || Tax Consultant, Hong Kong Profits Tax at KPMG China, Hong Kong

  • Assistant Manager, Audit:
    • Leading audit engagement teams of various sizes to conduct field audit
    • Performing and reviewing field audit and agreed-upon procedures
    • Assisting in issuance of audited financial statements and initial public offering prospectus
    • Monitoring time cost and recovery rates of engagements
  • Tax Consultant, Hong Kong Profits Tax:
    • Leading tax engagement teams of various sizes to complete tax filing
    • Drafting tax computations for clients
    • Participating in due diligence and group restructuring engagements
    • Submitting tax returns, holdovers and replying Inland Revenue Department queries