Work Experiences



Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Guest Facilitator at the Society for Research into Higher Education

Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom

  • Participating in the Centre for Religion and Public Life in the School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science
  • Working with Dr Caroline Starkey to explore research opportunities related to religion and religiosity of Chinese in Britain
  • Pitching, designing, and delivering the workshop ‘Fieldwork in Religion: a Conversation

Tutor at the University of St Andrews, United Kingdom

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Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at Regent College, Canada

I work with Professor Ross Hastings, Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology, and support him in the following:

  • Managing the administrative tasks, supporting student learning, and grading the courses ‘Theology I’, ‘Theology II’, ‘Pastoral Ethics: Ministering with Integrity in the Contemporary Context’, ‘Theology and Science in the Twenty-First Century: Conflicted, Complementary or Coinherent?’, ‘Seminar: Transforming Mission’, ‘Philippians and the Preaching of Transformation’
  • Researching, editing, and formatting monographs Echoes of Coinherence: Trinitarian Theology and Science Together and Total Atonement: Trinitarian Participation in the Reconciliation of Humanity and Creation
  • Managing Professor Hastings’ appointments and speaking engagements

Guest Lecturer at Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong || Canada

  • Missional Church (Distance Education Course) Winter 2018 – Guest Lecturer at Alliance Bible Seminary Centre of Canada (Toronto Campus)
    • Designing syllabus and teaching materials
    • Delivering lectures using CISCO WebEx to sites in Ontario, Winnipeg, and Vietnam
    • Performing administrative tasks
  • Theological English (1) Fall 2017, Winter 2015, Summer 2014 – Guest Lecturer at Alliance Bible Seminary in Hong Kong
    • Designing syllabus, teaching materials, and assessment
    • Grading assignments and exams
    • Facilitating learning outside of class using Moodle, WhatsApp, and email
    • Performing administrative tasks

Learned Societies

Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers Liaison Officer at British Sociological Association–Sociology of Religion Study Group, United Kingdom

  • Organising the postgraduate and early career researchers’ workshop
  • Allocating the bursaries and managing the support fund
  • Participating in the committee meetings

Postgraduate Co-convener at Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, United Kingdom

  • Organising the postgraduate conference
  • Managing the postgraduate email, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Participating in the committee meetings

Member-at-Large (Academic Symposium) at Regent College Students’ Association, Canada

  • Organising the academic symposium
  • Managing the email and Facebook accounts
  • Participating in the committee meetings
  • Maintaining office hours to be connected with the student body

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Accountant at Regent College Students’ Association, Canada

  • Preparing a budget for the year in conjunction with the president
  • Managing accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Maintaining trial balance and petty cash
  • Advising the Student Association on financial matters

Accounting Officer at Treasury Department, The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Hong Kong

  • Accounting Officer (Accounts and Supplies), Planning Department:
    • Managing an accounting and supplies team with 10 staff members
    • Maintaining accounts payables and accounts receivables, and authorising payments to suppliers
    • Processing salary payments for civil servants and non-civil service staff
    • Preparing estimates for resource allocation exercise and budget summary
    • Performing standard costing exercise
    • Monitoring the clerical, accounting, and supplies staff and conducting staff appraisals
  • Accounting Officer (Internal Audit), Department of Health:
    • Managing an accounting team of one staff member
    • Preparing audit plans and audit programs, and formulating audit procedures and checklists
    • Compiling and analysing audit findings, drafting audit reports and providing recommendations
    • Conducting post-implementation review
    • Monitoring the clerical staff and conducting staff appraisal

Assistant Manager, Audit || Tax Consultant, Hong Kong Profits Tax at KPMG China, Hong Kong

  • Assistant Manager, Audit:
    • Leading audit engagement teams of various sizes to conduct field audits
    • Performing and reviewing field audits and agreed-upon procedures
    • Assisting in the issuance of audited financial statements and initial public offering prospectus
    • Monitoring time cost and recovery rates of engagements
  • Tax Consultant, Hong Kong Profits Tax:
    • Leading tax engagement teams of various sizes to complete tax filing
    • Drafting tax computations for clients
    • Participating in due diligence and group restructuring engagements
    • Submitting tax returns, holdovers and replying Inland Revenue Department queries