I grew up in Hong Kong as a Canadian and graduated from the University of Edinburgh with Master of Arts (Honours) in English Language. In a turn of events, I became a Chartered Accountant by profession while simultaneously took up lifestyle writing as a hobby. Life led me to Vancouver, B.C., where I graduated from Regent College with Master of Divinity. I am now completing my Doctor of Philosophy (Divinity) with the University of St. Andrews, under the guidance of Dr John Perry and Professor Mario Aguilar in the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics. Having lived in three different continents, I have a high level of awareness of cultural sensitivity. Having worked and studied in three different fields, I am able to bring an unique perspective from my diverse experiences. Being fluent in three languages, I can connect with a wide range of individuals effectively. While there are many perks in being a third-culture kid, you can read more about my struggles in attempting to embrace my identity in an interview I gave with the Regent World.

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ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2043-715X